Retail Internet Solutions

I-ON's high-speed internet solution enables retailers to enhance customer experience and boost productivity in Inventory, Procurement, and Distribution Management. Our in-store Wi-Fi solution can help you not only promote your brand, but also engage with customers and get valuable insights about customer behaviour. I-ON provides a robust, scalable, and secure network to help retailers seamlessly run their operations, enhance brand awareness, and fast track their growth.

Learn how I-ON helped a large Retail segment setup a robust and reliable WiFi network to enhance their customer experience.

Retail Internet Solutions

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I-ON Advantage

Network Attached Storage

Network Attached Storage

I-ON deploys a centralized Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution, allowing multiple users to access data from a centralised location. Also, NAS makes it easy for employees to collaborate, respond to customers in a timely fashion, and promptly follow up on sales or other issues.

Captive Portals

Branded Portals

Allow a seamless multi-channel experience for customers, staff and administrators by creating different captive portals for each. Also, disable the captive portal for virtual interface engendered inside the controller so that the authenticated page appears in the cessation contrivance.

Intelligent Analytics

Intelligent Analytics

I-ON’s in-store Wi-Fi solution can help the retailer learn more about customer’s shopping patterns and purchase habits. The retailer can then utilize the same data to promote their brand and engage with customer by tailoring an experience that suits them.

Enhance customer experience &
boost productivity with I-ON

I-ON provides a seamless internet experience to the customers with its in-store Wi-fi Solution. I-ON multi-point connectivity with free Wi-Fi enhance the brand awareness among customers. I-ON Internet service provides following benefits to the Retail stores as well as to customers in store:

  • Sponsored Wi-Fi for walk-in customers
  • Same wifi can be used securely for internal purpose
  • Accurate Billing, Invoicing, and Monitoring system
  • Option of local deployment for a better user experience
  • Providing discount to conventional customer by Ad-Push
  • Improvement in Customer Relationship Management

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