Refund Policy


Installation of I-ON broadband services require several vital and time consuming activities, inter-alia, feasibility check of the area, laying down of cables, proper wiring of the area premises, allocation of tag in the fiber core, configuration of the ONU, other technical requirements etc, and the capex is invested towards provisioning I-ON services for the existing installation location.


  1. Subscribers of I-ON will be eligible to receive a refund of the Account Balance (“Refund”) as per the terms provided in this Refund Policy.
  2. Subscribers will be eligible to receive a Refund of their Account Balance on deactivation/termination of his/her Subscriber Account (“Cancellation”). Subscriber may cancel or completely discontinue availing all the Services provided by the Company by contacting the Company. However, Company reserves the right to refuse such deactivation request if the subscription of any of the Service is within the lock-in period or minimum period guarantee which was declared by the Company related to a specific Plan. In such an instance, the Company reserves the right to make the Cancellation request made by the Subscriber, effective from the date on which such lock-in period or minimum period guarantee comes to an end.
  3. Any amount paid by customers shall not be treated as advance payment to I-ON unless agreed by both the parties in writing. Any payments or adjustments resulting in a credit balance to the account of the customer shall stand refundable to the customer. The customer shall abide by the policies, as applicable from time to time, governing refund of such amounts to customers. I-ON at its sole discretion can change such policies from time to time.


  1. On suspension of a particular Service for a temporary period when requested by a Subscriber.
  2. Suspension of Service by the Company for following reasons: (i) to carry out maintenance or testing; or (ii) to safeguard the security and integrity of the Services or for technical purposes; or (iii) if so directed by the Government.
  3. Subscriber shall not be entitled to any refund against the Installation charges of the Device or Customer Premises Equipment.
  4. It is to be understood by the Subscriber that all equipments (Customer Premises Equipments / CPE) provided by the Company, belongs to the absolute property of the Company and the Subscriber shall only have the “right to use” the CPE or other equipment / accessories provided by the Company during the Enrolment Period. Further, the Subscriber as agreed to be abided by Customer Application Form (CAF), is obligated to return the CPE immediately on temporary suspension of service / discontinuation for any appropriate reasons / completion of the service period.
  5. Subscriber shall be entitled to claim refund of the Security Deposit against the Devices / Customer Premises Equipment only upon returning the said device post the completion of the service period. Nevertheless, if the Subscriber fails to return / submit to the Company the installed devices within a period of 3 working days upon the discontinuation / completion of the service period, then no claim of refund against the said devices shall be entertained and the Company may also at its discretion, reserves its right to withhold any other reasonable amounts in lieu of the security deposit.
  6. Further, on account of the Subscriber having failed to return / submit to the Company the installed devices even after a period of 3 working days and continues to fail to submit the asset back to the Company exceeding a month, then the Company shall impose a penalty of ₹____________ for every subsequent month of failure.
  7. The Company with no other appropriate recourse left, may initiate legal actions against the said Subscriber for the recovery of the asset of the Company, if the failure to return the installed device continues to exceed an unreasonable period / in case of an inordinate delay.
  8. I-ON does not guarantee the provision of services at any new location unless the location is already connected by I-ON network, also since the capex is already invested by I-ON for connecting customers’ existing location, there is no entitlement to raise any claim or action or damages or claim refund on account of non-connectivity due to technical non-feasibility at any new location.
  9. Note : If I-ON network is available in nearby premises where customer has shifted and customer can support to get permission via builder / society in new premises I-ON can connect the premises and enable customers I-On subscription.


  1. Subscriber must initiate the Cancellation request by sending an email from their registered email ID, with the subject – “Request for Refund”.
  2. The Subscriber must provide with his bank account details for the refund to be sent.
  3. The connection should have been operational for at least 3 continuous months by the user (lock-in period or minimum period guarantee). Any connection lower than that will not be eligible for a refund.
  4. While applying for the refund application, the tariff plan of the period of actual use as per available plans will be applicable for calculation of refund. Any incentives enjoyed for a higher tariff plan will accordingly get reversed and recovered.
  5. For e.g. A subscriber has subscribed for plan and enjoyed waiver of installation charges, with ONU deposit associated & subscriber intends to cancel the connection after using it, then the following refund calculation will be applicable:
    Description Scenario 1 Scenario 2 Scenario 3 Comment
    Plan Charges 3000 3000 3000
    Installation Charges 0 0 0
    ONU Deposit 500 1000 1500
    Total Charges 3500 3000 2500
    Refund Calculation (ONU Returned)
    Unused Period Charges 1000 1000 1000
    Installation Charges Waiver 0 -500 -500
    Refund Amount 2500 1500 1500
    Refund Calculation (ONU Not Returned)
    Unused Period Charges 1000 1000 1000
    Installation Charges Waiver 0 -500 -500
    ONU Not Returned Deposit -1250 -2750 -2750
    Refund Amount -250 -2250 -2250

    Note – (GPON ONU will be collected back and in case of non-return of ONU, value of ONU will have to be paid by user or adjusted in refund amount)

  6. Any other cost recoverable from the subscriber will be recovered from the refund amount.
  7. Refund amount will be sent to the customer’s bank account directly within 30 days from the date of refund application.